The Great EasterN Gold Charitable Foundation

The team at Great Eastern Gold is passionate about the environment and also about helping the disenfranchised around the world.  For that reason, upon initial gold pouring, Great Eastern Gold undertakes to establish a beneficial foundation and donate annually to the foundation to enable it to invest to charitable causes that align with our values. As Great Eastern Gold grows in profitability, the foundation will also grow. Great Eastern Gold intends to donate at least 5% of net profits to its foundation.


Board members will comprise representatives of Great Eastern Gold’s team as well as suitable philanthropic  individuals who share this passion. The aims of the foundation will be two-fold. Just as Great Eastern Gold seeks to be environmentally conscious in all of its dealings, one focus of the foundation will be to give to causes that promote environmental sustainability both in Australia and abroad. In addition, Great Eastern Gold believes that the world needs an educated population, and seeks to aid disadvantaged youth in acquiring the educational and life skills they will need as leaders of the future.