Our Markets


  • The world’s second largest producer of gold after China, with 320 metric tonnes produced in 2020.

  • Australia’s gold industry contributed AUD 11.9 billion to the economy in 2019/20. Mining in general accounts for 35% of Australia’s exports.

  • Well regulated, Australia is regarded as one of the safest countries for both mining and financial services in general.

  • Opportunities for exploration and development of small, but high-grade gold resources.

  • Home to several of Great Eastern Gold’s projects, with further acquisitions on the horizon.


  • The world fifth largest producer of gold, with 170 metric tonnes produced in 2020.

  • Mining makes 5% of Canada’s GDP, with gold the largest mineral contributor.

  • Like Australia, Canada has a strong banking system and well-regulated finance and mining industries.

  • An abundance of gold resources suited to narrow-vein mining, with further opportunities opening up.

  • Great Eastern Gold plans to acquire resources in Canada in the near future.

The US, Central and South America

  • Peru is the largest gold producer in Latin America, followed by Mexico.

  • Opportunities for exploration and development with blue sky opportunities.