Corporate Governance

Our vision of global leadership in sustainable gold mining, and our ability to fulfil our stakeholder promises requires the highest levels of corporate governance. This means maintaining a governance framework that supports the proactive and effective management of those strategic dynamics that will ultimately determine our long-term sustainability, whether operational, economic, social, environmental or otherwise.

This approach is essential given the nature of our mining projects, as well as the, at times, challenging social and political contexts in which we operate. It requires us not only to ensure that our business remains profitable but also to deliver clear economic, social and environmental benefits to our stakeholders.

Our management approach is underpinned by our commitment to sound and robust corporate governance standards, which are essential to our ultimate operational and strategic success. A key element of the approach is to ensure that the Company complies with all laws and regulations, as well as the highest levels of corporate governance. As such, corporate governance systems and frameworks at Great Eastern Gold are reviewed constantly to align with the ever-changing and increasingly stringent standards that are being rolled out by regulators across the globe.